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Learn about BIOS password problems in Panasonic® Toughbook

Learn about BIOS password? What are the different BIOS password problems that are observed in the various models of Panasonic Toughbook?

Panasonic Toughbook is a laptop brand owned by Panasonic and refers to its line of rugged computers. Panasonic Toughbook devices are designed perfectly to withstand drops, spills, extreme temperature, vibration and other rough handling. The BIOS or the Basic Input/ Output System is an electronic set of instructions that is utilized by the computer to start or to boot the Operating System installed in your Panasonic Toughbook successfully. The BIOS is located on a chip inside of the computer and is designed in a way that protects it from disk failure. The main function of the BIOS is to give instructions for the power-on self test in your device. At times you might face some issues with the BIOS passwords in your various Panasonic Toughbook models.

Panasonic Toughbook

The various aspects of BIOS password and the different BIOS password problems with various models of Panasonic Toughbook models are discussed below:

  • BIOS password
  • Different BIOS password problems
  • Tips to fix the issues

BIOS password

The BIOS password provided with your Panasonic Toughbooks helps you to increase the security of your device. The device is loaded with a very strong BIOS password capability that locks up the hardware which can’t be accessed by an authorized user. The password has to be entered before the Operating System is installed in your Panasonic Toughbook.

Different BIOS password problems

You may at time face some issues with the BIOS password in your Panasonic Toughbook models like Toughbook-52, Toughbook-74, Toughbook-19, Toughbook-31 laptops. You might find it unable to enter in your Panasonic Toughbook BIOS with your password. Also you might find you password not working, or you might have lost your BIOS password and unable to access the Panasonic Toughbook BIOS.

Tips to fix the issues

You could fix the issues with your BIOS password in your Panasonic Toughbook models, like the inability to enter the BIOS, not working password or lost password issues with your Panasonic Toughbook models. For this you could disconnect the main power, and turn off your device. You could locate the CMOS battery for your Panasonic Toughbook model on the motherboard, after this you could remove the battery for a few minutes, and then reinsert the battery. This would help you to reset your CMOS and your password.

    Dominique Moreno

    we got lost password issues with our Panasonic Toughbook models CF19
    Could you send us the procedure for removing the battery ont the motherboard ?
    Yours faithfully
    Dominique Moreno

      Sajeesh Sahadevan


      The steps mentioned in this article need to be followed to reset the BIOS or the CMOS password. This involves opening the computer up and reseating the CMOS battery (it looks like a coin).

      In case you’ve lost the login password, you will not need to open the machine up. The steps that are needed to be followed in that case depend on the operating system installed on your computer.

      In case it has Windows XP, you can login to the default ‘Administrator’ account and remove or change the password for your user account.
      • Restart the computer.
      • When you get to the login screen, press ‘Alt’ and ‘Ctrl’ and hit ‘Delete’ twice.
      • In the ‘User name’ field, type “Administrator”. Leave the ‘Password’ field blank and press enter.
      Note: This is the default Username-Password combination for the default Administrator account. It would not work if this was changed manually.

      Once you login, type ‘control userpasswords2’ in Start>Run, choose your user account and either remove the password or change it.

      For Windows 7,
      • Restart the system and tap F8 immediately.
      • When you get to the ‘Advanced boot options’, select ‘Repair your computer’ (available on some OEM copies of Vista too) and press Enter.
      • Choose ‘Command Prompt’ from the list of options.
      • Type ‘net user abcd 1234’ (replace abcd with the name of the user account that is locked and 1234 with the new password) and press Enter.
      • Restart the system and try to login using this new password.

      If you have Windows Vista and the ‘Repair your computer’ option is not available, you would need the installation disk to follow similar steps if this is the only user account on the system.

      Hope it helps. Otherwise, please post back with the details about the operating system etc.

    Dominique Moreno

    Hi, we need help please,
    we need to locate the CMOS battery for our Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 model on the motherboard, we need to remove the battery for a few minutes, and then reinsert the battery. This is to reset our CMOS and our password.
    Could-you send us a procedure for this ? Shall-we start by the keyboard ?
    Thanks for answering.
    Dominique Moreno

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